Distant Worlds

Hey guys, Wispa will be attending the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Music Concert in London on 17th May 2019.

Listening to some great and memorable pieces of music such as, ‘Eyes on Me’, ‘Answers’ and that unforgettable victory music. Da da dat da darrrrr….. awesome.  Oh and don’t forget look out for the moogles on the stalls.

Get your tickets here – http://www.ffdistantworlds.com/concert/london2019/


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End of an Era

Sony has final closed its doors on the PS2.

After 18 years, sony has stopped the Ps2 repair service offered to its followers.

The console was first released in Japan in March 2000 and remains the best-selling games console ever produced. Manufacturing of the device ended in 2012, six years after the follow-up PS3 console had been released. Sony said it was no longer able to offer repairs because it was running out of replacement parts for the ageing console. In a statement, the company thanked customers for their “continued patronage”.

The latest model, the PS4, has sold over 80 million units. Gamers seeking repairs will now have to try their luck with unofficial services. More than 150 million PlayStation 2 consoles have been sold in its lifetime.


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New Website

Its taken some time guys but its finally here.

There are still a few pages of content to add over the next few days, and this is the first major rebuild of our website in four years.
Just some nerdy details for you all, the HTML has been upgraded from 4 to 5.2, the CSS has been upgraded from 3 to 3.5, this allows us to roll out some new features for our admin staff, helping them bring you more stories and content.
The site has been split into two major parts, ‘visitors content’ and ‘creators content’. ‘Visitors Content’ can access the latest shows and recordings and stay upto date with following our activities and news. ‘Creators content’ contains large amounts of resources that enable us to bring more of our stories to life.

New shows, characters and adventures await us in the future, sp...

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